Hot Acoustic Music with a twist!   

Original. Irish. Americana.

The Scarlet Town Band is an acoustic music project based in Kansas City, Missouri.  The repertoire of Scarlet Town includes original material, Americana, Irish Traditional music, and a variety of traditional music from around the globe.  With vibrant vocals and brilliant instrumentals Scarlet Town blends traditional music with original works to create a true musical celebration.    


Eddie Edwards




tenor banjo



Leslie “Eddie” Jones is locally known by the nickname Eddie Edwards.  He was born in East Virginia, where he began playing guitar, learning old folk songs, and writing his own.  Down the years he added mandolin, Irish bouzouki, tenor banjo, and bodhrán to his palette of instruments.  He teaches private and group lessons in Kansas City, Missouri and in Lawrence, Kansas.  


Since 2010 Eddie has brought a vital spark to the Kansas City Irish music scene by organizing local KC sessions and teaching Irish music.  He formed the Scarlet Town Band in 2012 which, though it went through a number of line-up changes, was one of the best trad bands in the area, playing the KC Irish Fest and Browne's Street Fair every year.  In 2013 he created an ensemble "learning session" class, the Irish Traditional Music Learning Sessions, which he taught with David Agee at the Kansas City Irish Center in Union Station.  In 2015 he brought it to the Americana Music Academy in Lawrence, Kansas.  For more information about these sessions visit his website:  In 2018 Eddie relaunched the Kansas City School of Irish Music at the new Kansas City Irish Center, at Linwood and Baltimore, KCMO.